Live in the Heart of Lincoln Park

Located between Oz Park and Lincoln Park, with Lake Michigan just a few blocks away, this building’s location is an absolute dream. The street is tree-lined and filled with charm, while just a block away you'll find yourself near some of the city’s best eats and shops. You can walk to all the stores and restaurants on Armitage Avenue, and on the weekends, you are just a few steps from one of the best farmers' markets, where you can indulge your inner foodie with the freshest and most delicious foods. You also have the option to walk to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and on days you need to get further away, you’re near the best public transportation in the United States.


Taste Of Lincoln Ave

CITY festivals

One of the city’s largest and most popular summer celebrations, the Taste of Lincoln Avenue sprawls over six city blocks on a major stretch in the heart of Lincoln Park where high income meets the vibrant DePaul University population.

Farmers' Market

buy local, eat healthy

At 1940 N. Lincoln, vibrant markets, featuring an exciting variety of interesting vendors, settle down just steps away from your building several weekends a year.  The bright, eye-popping colors of fresh vegetables will turn heads, AND you will find produce uncommon in local grocery stores, including scarlet turnips, and lemon cucumbers.  

DePaul University

great university at your doorstep

Planned Property Management provides a home for plenty of DePaul Students. The building is located just a short walk from DePaul's campus which makes it a perfect home for students. 

Lincoln Park Zoo


Lincoln Park Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals. The zoo's exhibits include big cats, polar bears, penguins, gorillas, reptiles etc. Lincoln Park Zoo boasts free admission, and is conveniently located just a block away from 1940 N. Lincoln.